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Manufacturing of Superior Quality Dyed Fabric and Workwear Garments

Apparel Industry has been perceived as a sunset industry in view of its labor intensive nature. The general public sees apparel as a traditional industry that is no longer competitive and therefore unsuitable for continued development. This kind of perception has hit textile and apparel makers hard, impeding efforts to raise capital and recruit talent. The importance of the industry is underestimated.

The true picture, is that the apparel industry has already reached the advanced phase of specializing in innovative technology, solid technical foundation, integrated production system that utilizing advanced machinery production processes that require less skill and enable bulk production. Minimum people with multi-task system are introduced to the industry to transform the tradition of the industry. One of the innovations in the garment manufacturing is changing from seating to standing operation or working in "up-right position". This has created a healthy and more active movement and atmosphere in the production floor.

Other than fashion, apparel such as workwear is highly required due to safety and other working functional purposes. A workwear is designed and produced according to the working environment and to meet the working needs. It can be made by using hi-visibility color and designed with functional pockets. Every single piece of the design brings a message to the wearer.

The apparel industry keep changing and improving for the best of the wearer. The manufacturing process has been modernized by using machines and technology while maintaining its traditional principles and nature of the industry.

As one of the four basic necessities of life, apparel industry is in fact a sunrise industry!

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